Charlotte Kelley




QB Experience
“Brandeis offers a unique, interdisciplinary environment that has completely changed how I approach science and given me a much deeper understanding and appreciation for my research. Outside of lab, this environment has also inspired a passion for outreach and education, which led me to start up a volunteer group of female STEM undergraduates who lead weekly science-related ‘experiments’ at a local elementary school (BEWiSE). I have also had the opportunity to help instruct an interdisciplinary research course started by Professor Jane Kondev (QBReC) which encourages students to think about different fields of study as linked instead of separate entities, and encourages an research community between graduate students and undergraduates.”
Started QB in 2011
MRSEC Research in the Rodal Lab
“I study the complex molecular mechanisms regulating a neuronal protein complex that mediates membrane remodeling. Using synthetic lipid bilayers, I can directly observe and measure the activity of remodeling proteins in a simplified system, allowing me to manipulate conditions and fine-tune parameters that affect membrane binding and deformation. I then apply what I learn in vitro to understand how membrane remodeling events are regulated spatially and temporally in a cellular context.”