Camille Girabawe



Camille Girabawe

Camille Girabawe
Camille earned a Ph.D. in Physics as a member of the Fraden Lab studying synchronization and pattern formation in coupled nonlinear chemical reactions.
MRSEC Research in the Fraden Lab
“My research thesis focuses on synchronization in coupled Belousov Zhabontisky microdroplets. The study of synchronization goes from understanding the coupling between two droplets to its application in generating patterns in homogeneous and/or heterogeneous droplets. Understanding this coupling strength contributed to testing and explaining for the first timeĀ the physical-chemical behavior behind Allan Turing’s theory of morphogenesis. My work also features image-driven drop-on-demand microfluidics techniques to generate 300pl-1nl droplets, one at a time, with controlled volume and chemical content. This research also led me to being a Teaching Assistant for the MRSEC Summer Microfluidics course and a summer internship at Infor, an enterprise software company.”

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