Joia Miller




QB Experience
“I came to Brandeis because I was excited about the focus on interdisciplinary research. The QB program was one of the first ways I could be part of the discussions and interactions between disciplines that are required for an interdisciplinary research environment. This interdisciplinary focus has led to other collaborative experiences, including a trip to New Zealand to learn from a group that specializes in the biological rods we use in the Dogic lab as materials for our membrane system.”
Started QB in 2013
MRSEC Research in the Dogic Lab
“In the Dogic lab, we look a lot at materials built out of biological components. Specifically, I’m looking at membranes built out of rod-like viruses, specifically how interactions of rafts suspended in these membranes depend on the membrane composition. This system is a model membrane system that gives us insight into much more complicated membranes – such as the cell membrane and how membrane proteins might interact.”