Nate Tompkins



Nate Tompkins

QB Experience
“I came to Brandeis specifically for the QB program. After finishing my BA in Physics I worked for four years in Biochemistry and Immunology labs so when applying to grad school I was looking for opportunities to study physics in an interdisciplinary biological context. Participating in the QB program allowed me interact and collaborate with people from a variety of disciplines which was exactly the environment I was looking for. This is highlighted by the annual QB retreat in Woods Hole where the entire program spends a weekend discussing their research.”
Started QB in 2009
MRSEC Research in the Fraden Lab
“My dissertation research focused on studying the synchronization behavior of coupled chemical oscillators. The Fraden Group specializes in microfluidic techniques so the approach was to take the oscillatory Belousov-Zhabotinsky (BZ) reaction and create a 100-micron scale emulsion of the system where the droplets of the BZ reaction would be coupled via diffusion through the intervening oil. Controlling the geometry and coupling strength with various methods we were able to directly test Allan Turing’s theory of morphogenesis for the first time.”

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