Mahsa Siavashpouri




QB Experience
“I joined QB program because I was seeking to deepen my knowledge in soft condensed matter by exploring various biological fields. QB program makes this opportunity to meet and collaborate with scientists and researchers from various fields which can open new horizons to my current research and give me new prospectives to my future work.”
Started QB in Fall 2013
MRSEC Research in the Dogic Lab
“I study self-assembly of rod-like colloidal particles in suspension of depleting polymer and investigate the connection between macroscopic properties of these liquid-crystalline self-assembled structures and the microscopic features of the constituent molecules. Previous studies have shown that monodisperse rod-like colloids such as filamentous bacteriophage self-assemble into 1D twisted ribbons and 2D membranes in presence of attractive interactions mediated by non-absorbing polymers. During my research, using rodlike DNA origami particles as the new building-block, I demonstrate the formation of higher order structures from the assembly of colloidal rods is universal. Using DNA origami technique, we are able to easily tune flexibility, chirality and aspect ratio of the colloidal particles and find a connection between these microscopic properties and the macroscopic features of the entire self-assembled structure.”