Soft Materials Graduate Program

The Brandeis Soft Materials Graduate Program is an immersive training program that prepares the next generation of material researchers to advance interdisciplinary materials research and technology to improve the quality of life. The training provides the necessary background to investigate emergent phenomena in soft materials such as colloids, polymers and liquid crystals. For students interested in Soft Materials research, the SM Program can provide specialization that supplements graduate study in Physics.

Those who choose the SM track will receive a Ph.D. degree in Physics with an additional specialization in Soft Materials and then pursue research in the Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (MRSEC).

Admission to the Soft Materials Program

Students interested in the Soft Materials specialization will meet with the SM Physics liaison, Prof. Aparna Baskaran, to discuss requirements and program of study, and will be invited to apply for admission to the Soft Materials Program. Admission of each student to the Soft Materials specialization will require the approval of the student’s Ph.D. program, the Ph.D. program’s liaison to the SM program, and the SM director. Ordinarily, students will be admitted to the program at the beginning of or during their first year, but later admissions will be allowed if the student is able to satisfy the program requirements.